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Jeffrey Ricca

"Jeffrey Ricca, as the director Zach... is perfect as the hard-nosed, driven perfectionist who we see on stage at times and as an omniscient voice behind us running the audition."

"He brings realness, tough with a soft edge." 

"The director Zach, played with realistic presence by Jeffrey Ricca."

"Zach, whom Ricca plays with fitting intensity (if not tremendous emotional range)..."

"Ricca - mostly through his voice alone - drives the show and demands the dancers make themselves emotionally vulnerable.  When he does appear on the stage, he is a brooding presence due to his anger regarding Cassie, her career and their past.  Though there is evidence of a sympathetic heart, seen during his interaction with Paul.  That is a lot to require, but Ricca proves himself well-suited for the task."

"Mercury was played flawlessly by the veteran actor extraordinaire Jeffrey Ricca... who even looked like Mercury, with the thick mustache, and played the part without a hitch."

Rachael Gustuson

Enjoyed the show... the lead (Ricca) looked/acted/sounded a lot like Freddie Mercury!


Theatre Patron via Ticketmaster

"Galileo (Ricca) aced his Freddie Mercury impersonation.  I truly did not expect anyone to hit the range of Freddie, but he did it."

Kathy Fowler

"The critical voice in the musical is the cynical, fictional character, who challenges Eva at every turn.  The San Diego Repertory Theatre has hit the jackpot with Jeffrey Ricca, handsome and charismatic as Che."

Pat Launer

"Jeffrey Ricca as Che is a more contemplative firebrand and narrator and he brings an appealing voice and brings a welcome sense of humor to the role."

E.H. Reiter

"Equally fascinating to watch... the narrator who represents the people of Argentina.  Ricca’s vocal range is displayed with dissatisfied anger in “Oh What a Circus,” and his voice only becomes more expressive in various sequences."  What ends up being the biggest applause worthy number is “And the Money Kept Rolling In” sung by Ricca and the chorus. Comically commenting on Eva’s questionable financial decisions, the song is as biting as it is catchy.

David Dixon

"Jeffrey Ricca excels in the role, a counterbalance to the positive side of Eva, a devil’s advocate so to speak in reaction to the people’s near sainthood view of her.  Ricca does have a wonderful singing voice..." 

Elizabeth Marie Himchak

"Ricca roams the multi-leveled set, and presents Che in a variety of ways: moody, angry, funny, remorseful, & sad – also with a very powerful voice.  From “Oh What a Circus” to “Dice Are Rolling”, Ricca presents Che as the ever present conscience of Argentina..."

T.R. Robertson

"The dark and cynical narrator... Played by Jeffrey Ricca, he strides with the grace of a cat and burns with the fires of revolución."

Eric George Tauber

"Whenever she achieves something, Jeffrey Ricca's excellent Che (Guevara? Maybe not) undercuts it."

Critic's Pick

"Ricca makes for an excellent Che, bringing soulful vocals and sharp humor to the role."

James Hebert

"Complemented by Jeffrey Ricca, who was not only the narrator for the tale but also the embodiment of Eva’s internal struggle."

Shelby Horton

"Often critical of Eva and her rise to power, Jeff told it as he saw it and belted out number after number with a voice that had the audience cheering."

Rachael M. Gustuson

Calimesa News Mirror

~ Still, the finest performance of the night is Jeffrey Ricca’s Jud Fry.  Ricca makes him far more real than sometimes portrayed, and more subtly menacing, letting loose the dark side of the west in a very convincing way.

Frances Baum Nicholson

"Ketter's (Chuck, Director) smartest casting choice and one that's all too rarely done, is to cast Jud Fry as hot, handsome and hunky.  Jeffrey Ricca's Jud is all three, with a baritone to match, adding an oft-ignored layer of represssed sexual desire to Laurey's proclaimed disgust at being pursued by her dark and twisted handyman.

Steven Stanley

"The show must go on... Jeffrey was amazing as Lancelot and what a wonderfully professional cast, crew and design team.  This is what makes live theater exciting!"

Janet Turner Pitcher

Janet's Costume Designs

"I was blown away by Jeffrey Ricca from what I saw on stage last night.  I expected phenomenal prior to the cast change, but I left feeling like I witnessed a miracle in progress right in front of my eyes."                           

Tim Harvey

Barn Stage Company Patron

"Watching Jeffrey work his magic from the orchestra last night was beyond impressive, it was mesmerizing.  He played the role as if he'd been playing it for years."                                                                                       

Mark Brownlee

Temecula Symphony

"Gaston was stunningly played by Jeff Ricca, and made the chemistry between the pompous Gaston and sweet Belle entertaining and enjoyable to watch.  Ricca immersed himself into the role of Gaston."                                                                                           

Amanda Newfield

Citrus Clarion

"When all four singers come together, harmonizing magic happens.  I was particularly impressed with the lead male singer, Jeff.  I have been to a few professional/Broadway musicals and I feel his voice is that high in quality."  

"The lead singer was terrific!  He did justice to Freddie Mercury with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and that is beyond hard.  My hat is off to him!" 

Various Passengers

m.s. Oosterdam

"The character that captured the audience the most is the Emcee, played by Jeffrey Ricca." 

"He was so outrageous and overtly sexual, Ricca had the audience in stitches throughout the first act."

"When Jeff's character began to show his own darkness, it was so chilling there is no doubt each member of the audience felt the hairs on their back of their necks stand up as he looked at the audience with malice and hate, it was hard not to become frightened."


​"Ricca’s character represented the changing tone of Cabaret, and he did it with overall mastery."             

Andrew Vasquez

Citrus Clarion

"When Jeffrey Ricca introduces you to Moses for the first time, you are drawn to him as a man of virtue and principals and yet sense his confusion about why God has brought him to this place and time."


"Ricca convincingly plays Moses from his heart and truly understands what Moses may have been thinking and feeling so long ago."

"I could listen to Ricca sing all day as I enjoyed all of his songs throughout the show." 

Mlum Mlum Galinato

Staff Reporter

"Special praise goes to Jeffrey Ricca as Messala for stepping into the role at the last minute.  He was the perfect Roman bad guy."                                

Ralph Andrews

The Sun (Correspondent)

"Jeffrey Ricca’s excess villainy as Messala leaves no doubt in one’s mind as to which character we are not supposed to like."  

Patrick Seitz

The Daily Facts

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